Visually stunning QR codes.
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QR codes are typically purposed as the bridge between print and mobile, i.e., seeing an interesting advertisement, scanning its QR code (if there is one), and instantly have more information about the ad on your mobile.

But in today's world, that bridge is usually a big square made up of a disarray of little black and white squares that most of the time don't even blend in with the ad. So, yeah, they're ugly.

That's where OunchTag enters the picture - with a mission to make this world a better place by letting you pour vibrant colors and attractive beauty into your QR codes.

OunchTag let's you embed a visually optimized QR code onto an image or background of your own choosing which can be customized further with our available tools, all in 3 easy steps! After hitting the "Generate" button on the last step, you've got yourself a more appealing and less visually distracting QR code which you can download and apply wherever you please.

OunchTag Beta opens doors to an array of new possibilities and benefits for you and your brand:
  • you can now seamlessly integrate your brand or logo into your QR code.
  • by choosing your own images, your QR codes will be unique and will stand out from the pool of black-and-white codes.
  • appealing qr codes leads to more scans from your customers which allows for better engagement.

All OunchTags generated are highly optimized for a successful scan. However, on very rare ocassions, depending on color intensity and contrast of your image, the OunchTag may be difficult to scan. Should you face any such issues in our system, do not hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Create your own OunchTag now, and join us in our mission to rid the world of monochromatic, boring, QR codes!